-The Yucatan Consulting Group (YCG) policy not to cancel a service to a client you have made your payment. Sometimes, it could postpone the start date of the service at most by 4 weeks.

-We make full refund of the service if the customer cancel at least two weeks in advance.

-If he does not cancel or reported as indicated above, there will be no refund of the amount paid for the service.

-If the applicant cancels at least two weeks before the start date of the service, YCG charget a fee of 35% of the amount of service.

-In the case of debit card payments and/or credit, charge YCG addition, the fee charged by the bank, if the bank does not allow the cancellation of that committee.

-No refund or discount whatsoever where he already recived some material related to the service you are providing.


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